Interesting facts about elephants that will blow your mind.

Interesting facts about elephants

Interesting facts about elephants
  1. Elephants can move forwards and backward but cannot truck jump or gallop they are so heavy that they basically cannot get all four legs off the ground at the same time.
  2. Elephant skin is extremely sensitive so sensitive that they can feel the Flies that land on their skin.
  3. Their sensitive skin is something they also like to protect especially from the sun's deadly UV rays and these majestic beasts will sometimes coat themselves with mud not just to keep cool but to keep their skin protected.
  4. Elephants have extremely high intelligence as a matter of fact they are almost as intelligent as primate.

Interesting facts about elephants

Interesting facts about elephants
  1. They can smell water up to 12 miles and as for the African elephant this range exceeds.
  2. Elephants love water and are actually great swimmers.
  3. When it comes to fears well let's be real the biggest animal isn't really afraid of anything but instead afraid of things, they afraid of much smaller things and those are ant and bees and some farmers in Africa defend their crops by surrounding their fields with beehives.
  4. How many people do think that the trunk has bones within it? However, the trunk does not have any bones in it.
  5. Elephants are also to have an extreme hierarchy and work well in a family environment they are led by a big mama called the matriarch. She is the queen that leads all the elephants within occurred within this family they have a sophisticated social structure in which other female elephants focus on protecting the children of the herd.
  6. The female elephant has the longest gestation period of than any other animal on the planet coming in at approximately 22 months with females having a single calf every two to five years and for African elephants, they will stop having babies at the age of 50.
  7. Their young ones are born blind but they are capable of standing shortly after they are born.
  8. Male elephants leaving the herd at around ages 12 or 15.
  9. For males, their tusks are generally larger or thicker than the females.
  10. The males of the Sri Lankan Elephant species it's sometimes common to see males without tusks and speaking about tusks this is one of the reasons why elephants are hunted and poached.
  11. Their tusk(ivory) is filled with dentin which makes bone structure in almost every animal on the planet therefore not having any special elements to it.
  12. The African elephant is listed as vulnerable however the Asian elephant which is listed as endangered has only 50% of its population since the last 70 years.
  13. The United States made an international ban on (Tusk)ivory imports in 1989 which was immediately followed by other countries who recognized that poaching was a problem for elephants.

So, guys, I hope you like these interesting facts about elephants.

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