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Top Surprising Facts about Mosquito

Top 17 Surprising Facts about Mosquito

Top Surprising Facts about Mosquito

  •  Do you know that only female mosquito bites humans, male mosquito never bites.
  •  Female mosquito needs protein to produce eggs so they sucks blood.
  •  Female mosquito goes to rest for 2 days after taking sucks blood from the body.
  •  There are about 3,500 species of mosquitoes worldwide.
  •  Mosquitoes do not have teeth but they have a pine trunk that sucks blood.
  •  After leaving the egg baby mosquito spends its first 10 days in water.
  •  Male mosquito live only 10 days but female mosquito remains alive for 6 to 8 weeks.
  •  Mosquitoes have 6 legs.
  •  Mosquitoes can not fly very far and very fast.
  •  Mosquitoes can smells human breath.
  •  From our sweat, mosquitoes can find out about our blood.
  •  Malaria is the most dangerous disease spread by mosquitoes.
  •  Mosquitoes come in dangerous animals of the world, whose bites kill thousands of people every year.

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